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XPark Jr 

XPark Jr is XDubai’s second foray into community spaces, a park designed to ignite the spirit of adventure amongst Dubai’s youngest residents and visitors. With one week to go until launch and with no other marketing efforts besides PR, we were tasked RSVP management for the park’s opening and generating buzz and excitement amongst influential parents, families and the region’s media.

We extended a teaser invite to a series of family and mummy bloggers who held influence both online and off. From a media POV, we ensured that we invited a mix of social media teams from the region’s top outlets as well as feature editors resulting in live social media coverage and ongoing features. Lastly we aligned with Dubai Tourism for international feature outreach.  The result was over 50 kids and parents attending and over 50 pieces of coverage across the UAE and internationally.


Perhaps most telling is that the park reached capacity each weekend following launch thanks solely to PR efforts.


Media Relations 
Influencer Relations





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