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Fighting Fit Dubai 

In 2019, we were engaged by Nomad Productions to help promote the 2019 season of Fighting Fit Dubai, a homegrown reality TV series that takes everyday Dubai residents and transforms them into boxers.  In 2019, the series was moving to an online only format, thanks to a partnership with ESPN. The objectives were varied, highlight the news and media story, while at the same time, drive buzz and excitement for the series and promote online views.

Given the varied communications objectives, we developed a strategy of tiered communications outreach that not only highlighted the corporate good news story of the ESPN partnership, but also ensured that viewers would be excited about the show and invested in the participants’ progress and development. The result was a series of varied, in-depth and interesting features that touched upon corporate, fitness, media and personal stories.


Overall, media efforts reached over 10 million people, with a PR value totalling 33 times the investment in public relations.



Media Relations 





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