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Gary Player Invitational 

The B Collective has been engaged year-on-year for three editions of world’s leading charity golf series, The Gary Player Invitational. 


With charitable golf tournaments not considered hard sports news and for the 2018 edition, the added challenge of a national mourning period, and in 2019, a link to the Fatima Bint Mubarak Ladies Open, a considered, creative and flexible communications planning and outreach was required.

Objectives and challenges considered each year, we developed a plan that moved beyond sports media, delving into the purpose, personalities and the  experience of the Gary Player Invitational. In 2017, this included conceptualising and managing the filming of creative content “Cart-pool Karaoke” which reached audiences worldwide.


In 2018 and 2019, this included a considered and tiered approach that saw the event link with a higher purpose through an Inclusivity Breakfast of golfing greats. Large-scale features including corporate profiling and strong online content, supplemented news outreach.

Each year, we also worked with key sponsors to ensure maximum ROI through media opportunities, social media and fun and engaging content. 


Each year, media results saw over100 pieces of top tier coverage, positive positioning, as well as a reach of over 6 million people annually.



Concept Development 

Corporate Profiling 

Media Relations

Social Media 


Abu Dhabi


Annually Since 2017

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